Faculty and Staff Directory

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Hawthorne Cedar Knolls UFSD
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Eric Ford

Titles: Principal AAHS

Kristen Giraulo

Titles: Teacher GH

Christine Hickey

Titles: Guidance Counselor LH, Neglected/Delinquent Transition Liaison

Isabelle Innes

Titles: Teacher CKA

Ann Izzo

Titles: District Data Coordinator

Karen Kleinman

Titles: Teacher AAHS

Morgana Macafity

Titles: Teacher LH

Janette Maceira

Titles: Teacher CKA

Jamie Manning

Titles: Social Worker CKA, CKA/District Intake Coordinator

Shawn Marshall

Titles: Teacher CKA

Brice Moss

Titles: Behavior Support Specialist

Jonathan Muro

Titles: Director of Facilities

Kathleen Myron-Love

Titles: Teacher CKA

Vikki Palmer

Titles: Principal GH

Paul Petrone

Titles: Teacher LH

Cheryl Pinnow

Titles: Psychologist LH

Michele Pisarz

Titles: Psychologist CKA

Aisha Prendergast

Titles: Interim Principal CKA

Ray Raefski

Titles: Interim Superintendent

Lisette Rubet-Roman

Titles: Secretary GH
< 1 2 3 > showing 21 - 40 of 48 constituents