Faculty and Staff Directory

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Hawthorne Cedar Knolls UFSD
226 Linda Avenue, Hawthorne, NY 10532
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(914) 749-2900
Geller House:
(718) 442-7828

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Michele Pisarz

Titles: Psychologist CKA

George Pollock

Titles: Asst. Principal CKA

Melissa Polonsky

Titles: School Monitor GH

Aisha Prendergast

Titles: Interim Principal CKA

Ray Raefski

Titles: Interim Superintendent

Katherine Reitzes

Titles: Psychologist AAHS

Pedro Reynoso

Titles: Asst. Principal LH

Peter Roberts

Titles: Teacher LH

Lisette Rubet-Roman

Titles: Secretary GH

Victoria Sheilds

Titles: Speech/Language Pathologist CKA

Michael Stolz

Titles: Teacher LH

Sarah Tartaglia

Titles: Teacher LH

Maksim Vasilevsky

Titles: Teacher LH

Sergio Vega

Titles: Teacher CKA

Nikol Volpe

Titles: Teacher LH

Daniel Ward

Titles: Teacher AAHS/LH

Brian White

Titles: Certified Teacher Assistant AAHS

Robert Worden

Titles: Principal LH
< 1 2 3 showing 41 - 58 of 58 constituents