Cedar Knolls Academy

The Cedar Knolls Academy offers a unique day treatment and residential program for children in grades 9-12. Within a new brick school building, students find a kind and nurturing environment dedicated to meeting the social, emotional and academic needs of fragile students with emotional needs. Students are referred by the Office of Mental Health and by their local Committees on Special Education for special education services and programming. The highly competent and experienced Cedar Knolls Academy staff is dedicated to creating and maintaining an innovative, nurturing and safe environment for their entire learning community. They are proud of the academic focus and structured program embedded in a milieu that supports their social and emotional needs.

Many of the students are residentially placed at Cedar Knolls Academy as a transition from hospitalization back to their community. These students require academic and emotional support during their journey to return to their home school and family.

The Cedar Knolls Academy Principal, Robert Worden has 30 years of experience as an educator working with students with special needs and serving in a variety of leadership assignments. Mr. Worden brings a wealth of therapeutic experience and stability to calm the ongoing demands of students who have experienced trauma, stress, self-injurious episodes and abuse. He is joined by a rich support staff of psychologists, social worker, speech therapist and vocational counselor.

As a main component to our successful PBIS plan, the Cedar Knolls Academy staff is dedicated to promoting BE "REAL", working with our students to become Respectful Educated Accountable Leaders in both the school community and in society. Cedar Knolls Academy vocational program provides a smooth transition to the world of work for those students who will not be pursuing post-secondary education when they graduate. This vocational option will include preparation experiences, life skills review and practice and three levels of employment leading to real world positions in the community. The full cadre of required courses at the high school level are available in a departmentalized model in small class environments. Additionally, several self-contained special education classes meet the needs of students who require a more restrictive initial placement. Special features of the Cedar Knolls Academy include, volunteer activities in surrounding hospital pediatric programs and volunteer work at the local food bank. The Cedar Knolls Academy offers  music, and a full complement of academic options. Physical education is offered on a daily basis, in order to promote wellness and address weight gain from medications.

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